"Established by an experienced and passionate team with a desire to design & manage the construction of
better quality & more eco-conscious buildings, using modern, alternative building technology"


Krypton DesignTech / Vonbruun

High Performance Lightweight Steel Frame Technology for residential and commercial. 

Eco-friendly - Sustainable - Superior insulation - Zero wet-work  - Modular MicroSpace options - High performance


Krypton DesignTech / Vonbruun is a full service Design-Build company specialising in high performance residential and commercial building design.

Specializing in eco-friendly and alternative building technology. 

Services include architectural design; Construction project management; Quantity surveying; Product qrocurement; Off-grid design solutions. 

Over and above the South African market, Krypton DesignTech / Von Bruun also service clients in Mauritius, Mozambique, New Zealand, Botswana, Angola, Zambia and Namibia. 



Architectural Design with Light Steel Frame Construction

Light Steel Frame, or LSF, has not had an easy adoption with the construction industry in South Africa. However LSF is tried and tested, and has been in use in Australia, Europe and America for decades. 

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